FlowPlay Completes Major Overhaul, Transitions 1.4M Lines of Code to Haxe

Thanks to Doug Pearson, CTO of FlowPlay for sharing his insights on the completion of an extensive overhaul of the company’s flagship social casino game, Vegas World. The relaunch follows nearly two years of engineering work focused on improving key elements of the user interface and transforming the backend infrastructure. The effort included the transition of 1.4 million lines of code from a Flash-based codebase to Haxe, in the largest ever project to leverage the open-source, cross-platform development technology. After years of speculation, Adobe officially announced in July that it will no longer support Flash technology by the end of 2020. Once considered the foremost development solution for the casual games industry, Flash has fallen out of favor in recent years, particularly as mobile use has grown. Today, the thousands of casual games that remain on Flash are in danger of vanishing alongside the sunsetting codebase. As new platforms launch, development technologies evolve, and as the rapid shift to mobile continues FlowPlay’s approach to relaunching Vegas World provides a case study for other Flash developers looking for a long-term, cross-platform solution to ensure the future viability of their games.

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