#366: 10 Insights from the State of JS Survey

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Issue 366 — December 22, 2017

2017 is almost over and we’re taking a week off for Christmas – we hope you have a good one! We’ll be back on January 5 with a special ‘best of 2017’ issue. If you write or develop anything awesome for our January 12 issue, just hit reply and let us know so we can consider it 🙂 We also have a popular Medium publication if you use that platform.- The JavaScript Weekly team (Peter, Chris, and Za’e)
Everything You Need To Know About Parcel: The Web App Bundler

Parcel only came out two weeks ago, but it’s already making waves, including within the webpack project itself.

Indrek Lasn

10 Insights from the State of JS Survey
Over 23,000 developers responded, and Sacha Grief analyzes the results. GraphQL and TypeScript are set for a great 2018, and most developers think JS is headed the right way.

Sacha Greif

Wes Bos Explains Async/Await in 15 Minutes
This is a really accessible, well presented, and short introduction to the main principles behind using async/await vs promises, if you’re not up to speed yet.

dotJS 2017

MongoDB 3.6 Sessions Explained by Percona
As mentioned in our last post, we are looking deeper into new sessions in MongoDB 3.6. Many of the cornerstone features of 3.6 depend directly or indirectly on sessions – things like “retryable” writes, causal consistency, killSession (global killOp) & more.


How to Become a Better Node.js Developer in 2018
A few straightforward best practices which could help you be a better Node developer in the coming year.

Gergely Nemeth

The Future of State Management with Apollo GraphQL
A look at using apollo-link-state to manage your local data in Apollo Client, a JavaScript GraphQL client, thus avoiding using something like Redux altogether.

Peggy Rayzis

Take the 2017 JavaScript Ecosystem Survey
npm Inc. and the JS and Node foundations are running a 10 minute ‘JavaScript ecosystem survey’ so make your voices heard.

npm Inc, JS Foundation, and Node Foundation

V8 Release v6.4: Yet More Speed and Memory Savings
Google’s JavaScript engine shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. The 6.4 branch also introduces support for two new regular expression features.

Mathias Bynens


We’re Always Looking for Exceptional Software Engineers (New York)We need passionate, experienced people that can fill hybrid roles with different emphases on the context of product development. Reaktor

Work with JS at Forza Football, A Product with Millions of UsersForza Football is looking for a frontend developer to join our amazing team located in Sweden. Visa/relocation sponsorship available. Forza Football

Looking for a Job at a Company That Prioritizes JavaScript?Try Vettery and we’ll connect you directly with thousands of companies looking for talented frontend devs. Vettery

In Brief
The Future of jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile newsjQuery UI Blog
A Free ‘TypeScript Fundamentals’ Course course It used to cost money. Now it doesn’t.James Henry
Practical Redux: Beyond the Todo App course Mark Erikson on what happens if you try to build something bigger than yet another TodoMVC app using Redux?Educative  Sponsor
The ‘Reflect’ Object, Use Cases and Things to Watch Out for tutorial A neat look at a slice of not commonly used JavaScript.Stefan Judis
Testing Angular 2 and Continuous Integration with Jest tutorialMatt Fehskens
An Introduction to Weak Value Maps tutorialKris Zyp
How ‘Controllable’ React Components Maximize Reusability tutorial A deep dive into what really makes React components reusable.Noam Elboim
How to Build a Realtime Poll in 5 Steps tutorialChristian Nwamba
Using OpenCV from Node to Recognize Objects in Images tutorial nodeVincent Mühler
Building a Voice-Activated Movie Search App Powered by Amazon Lex, Lambda, and MongoDB Atlas (Part 2) tutorialmongodb  Sponsor
WebAssembly Will Let You Run High-Perf Apps in Your Browser story A neat high level overview of WebAssembly.IEEE Spectrum
Which JavaScript Frameworks Are the Fastest? opinionJohn Hannah
Is jQuery Still Relevant? opinionRemy Sharp
Angular Top 50: What You Should Have Read in 2017 opinionLukas Marx
Webpack-CLI 2.0 Released: Webpack’s Command Line Interface toolswebpack
Jest 22 Released: Facebook’s Popular JS Testing Tool tools A major release refining almost all parts of Jest. Babel 7 support too.Facebook
Cloud-Scale Monitoring and Alerting from Datadog tools See your entire stack in one place with unified dashboards and 200+ technology integrations. Try Datadog free.Datadog  Sponsor
React Content Loader: A ‘Content is Loading’ Component using SVG codeDanilo Woznica
11 Vue.js Component Libraries You Should Know In 2018 codeJonathan Saring
Unchanged: A Fast Handler for Updating JS Objects and Arrays Immutably codeTony Quetano
element-ready: Detect When an Element is Ready in the DOM codeSindre Sorhus

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