How I Created a Web-Based IDE in 7 Days

Some few days ago, I released the first version of Hyper IDE. Hyper IDE is an integrated development environment built as a web application, which implies that it can be installed on a web server, and allow you to code from an iPhone, from anywhere you are in this world – at least in theory. It supports 100+ programming languages, it can integrate with all compilers and source code management systems that I am aware of, and it has a very rich plugin architecture. However, probably its most interesting trait is that it is no more than 2-3,000 lines of code, and I built it in 7 days.
How is that possible you may ask? Especially considering Microsoft spent 30+ years with probably 500+ developers creating Visual Studio as we know it today. How is it possible for one man to create such a complex application, in such a short timespan?