Adding a CMS to Your Static Site With Netlify CMS

For nearly seven years I was a CMS implementer and contributor, mostly with Drupal, but occasionally with Joomla! and WordPress. Then about 3 years ago I encountered Jekyll and I had a revelation, a system that let me manage and render content, but in a manner that suited me as a writer, using markup formats such as markdown, reStructuredText, and Asciidoc. Whilst the plain text and version control approach is great for some, and despite best efforts from vendors such as GitHub and GitLab, it’s still not that accessible to less technically minded people. Many projects have attempted to bridge this gap and merge the best of the two worlds, from commercial SaaS providers such as Contentful, Prismic, or CloudCannon to open source options like Cockpit and getmesh.
Just over a year ago, Netlify, the fantastic host for static sites announced ‘Netlify CMS’ and it looked promising, adding a CMS-like interface to the git workflow. I made some initial investigations, but now finally have time for a proper dive into how to set it up and use it.