#367: Hyperapp 1.0, Stimulus, and the best of 2017

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JavaScript Weekly

Issue 367 — January 5, 2018

Hi folks, we’re back and we hope you enjoyed the holiday season. This was going to be a “best of 2017" issue but enough new things have happened that we’ve packed the most popular JS links of 2017 into a single article and this issue is otherwise new stuff as usual. 🙂
Our Most Popular JavaScript Links of 2017
A look back at what proved popular with JavaScript Weekly readers in 2017, including this modern JavaScript cheatsheet, a set of JS best practices, and async/await explained with diagrams and examples.

Chris Brandrick

Stimulus: A JS Framework for The HTML You Already Have
Rather than replace your HTML or rendering mechanisms, Stimulus augments your existing HTML with functionality.


Build Fully Interactive JavaScript Charts 📈 In Minutes
Your solution for modern charting and visualization needs. ZingChart is fully featured, integrates with popular JS frameworks, and has a robust API with endless customization options. Get started with a free download.


Browser Mitigations Landing for New Class of Timing Attack
You’ve probably heard of Meltdown and Spectre, two timing attacks that can affect modern CPUs. It turns out they can be taken advantage of from JavaScript, so browsers are responding appropriately.

Mozilla Security Blog

Hyperapp 1.0: A 1KB JS Library for Building Frontend Apps
Hyperapp, an Elm-inspired functional minimal frontend framework, has been getting some serious buzz in the past several months.

Jorge Bucaran

TeaVM: A Java Bytecode to JavaScript Translator
An ahead-of-time Java bytecode to JavaScript (and WebAssembly) compiler, that can support other JVM languages like Kotlin and Scala.


Uppy: A Powerful, Modular JavaScript File Uploader
Integrates with any framework and can fetch files from numerous sources. Example here.


Top JavaScript Tools and Trends to Watch in 2018
Nothing too surprising, covers things like React vs Vue, GraphQL, Prettier, Jest, Parcel and Popmotion.

Ryan Chartrand


We’re Always Looking for Exceptional Software Engineers (New York)We need passionate, experienced people that can fill hybrid roles with different emphases on the context of product development. Reaktor

Web Engineers, GamesExperienced web engineer wanted to play an integral role in making our digital puzzle experience second to none for both solvers and creators. New York Times

Looking for a Job at a Company That Prioritizes JavaScript?Try Vettery and we’ll connect you directly with thousands of companies looking for talented front-end devs. Vettery

In Brief
Babel: Nearing The 7.0 Release news What’s new, coming, and going on with the popular JavaScript compiler.Henry Zhu
Aurelia’s 2018 Roadmap newsAurelia Core Team
FuseBox 3.0: The Fast Bundler/module Loader, Now Even Faster newsIvan Orlov
Use SQL in MongoDB? But of Course You Can! We’ll Show You How And there’s so much more to discover. But see for yourself – download it for 14 days here.Studio 3T  Sponsor
JavaScript 2018: Things You Need To Know, and a Few You Can Skip opinionMichelle Gienow
JS Things I Never Knew Existed tutorialNick Skyllo
Debugging TypeScript from VS Code tutorialDavid Herges
Robust Client-Side JavaScript: A Developer’s Guide tutorialMat​hia⁠s S​chäf⁠er
Azure Functions CI/CD Pipeline for Node.js using VSTS tutorialMicrosoft  Sponsor
The Rise of the State Machines tutorial A great introduction to state machines and implementing them in JavaScript.Krasimir Tsonev
JavaScript Object Explorer: A Web Tool to Find Object Methods tools Answer questions to narrow down to the right method for your task.Sarah Drasner
Asmble: Compile WebAssembly to JVM Bytecode toolsChad Retz
Real-Time Error Monitoring, Alerting, and Analytics for JavaScript 🚀 toolsROLLBAR  Sponsor
Sapper: A New Next.js-Style Webapp Framework from Svelte codeRich Harris
headless-devtools: Perform Chrome DevTools Actions From Code codeJohnny Cowchimp
Immer: Create The Next Immutable State by Mutating The Current One codeMichel Weststrate

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