MAS 020: Kent C. Dodds

Charles Max Wood
Guest: Kent C Dodds
This week on My My Angular Story, Charles speaks with Kent C Dodds. Kent is based in Utah and works at PayPal, as a full stack javascript engineer and contributes to open source projects and works with Angular and React. Kent is an instructor at, Frontend Masters, and is a web development expert.
Kent has also started JavaScript Air and Angular Air in the podcasting space. Kent talks about his journey into programming in 2011 as well as many different trials like getting into accounting, business intelligence, and internships.
In particular, we dive pretty deep on: 

How did you get into programming?
Tyler (friend) influenced him in programming
Interested in computers
Took electrical engineering at school
Did Missions or church and return to accounting and learn information systems
Internships lead to Javascript
Learning to code
What was is about JavaScript you liked?
Reason ML
Which of the past things you did are you most proud of?
Angular formally
Angular and Angular JS
JavaScript, TC39
Egghead and JavaScript
What are you working on now?
Infra-team, force multiplier at PayPal
What things that are moving interest you?
and much, much more!



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