How I Created an AngularJS/MySQL TODO App in 0.649 Seconds

In the next release of Hyper IDE, there will be an ORM library for MySQL called Hyper Core. This library is built upon HTTP REST services, returning JSON to the client, allowing you to do stuff like the following:
The above will select the first 25 records, from your “database" database, and its "table" table. You can also further refine your query, with any criteria you wish to decorate your SQL with, using additional HTTP query parameters. Hyper Core also contains REST endpoints for "insert," "update," and "delete" – and, hence, becomes a complete ORM library for front-end clients. Since each database, table, and operation gets its own unique URL, this allows you to easily grant or deny access to tables and operations, according to the URL for the [database]/[table]/[operation].