The ‘Building for Just One Browser’ Thing

When I got started with blogging back in 2005, I had been an interface developer for the web since 1999. The big challenges back in 2005 were convincing developers and companies to make sure that things worked in more than one web browser, and that JavaScript wasn’t evil and actually pretty competent. And now, in 2018, it’s back to the cross-browser support story again (JavaScript seems to be doing fine).

Granted, 2018 has just started, so let’s give it a chance. But in 2017, I saw a lot of websites/apps released by a multiple of high-profile companies which only worked in one browser: Chrome. And it reminded me a lot of the days in 2005 where the story was the same, but just that back then websites only worked in Internet Explorer (document.all, anyone?).
Seeing this same story coming up again, I wanted to try and pinpoint the main reasons for why this happens, and also why it matters building for more than one web browser.