Python Frameworks for Web Developers in 2018

Any techie worth his salt will agree that frameworks make their life easier by allowing for quicker customizations with less code and more focus on logic. As a web developer, you would like a framework that enables you to rapidly develop and deploy applications. When it comes to a web application, there is always more to do than just coding your application. You need to understand the server side architecture and then there will be your application running on a user’s browser which uses JavaScript. We list out five Python frameworks that you might be interested to learn as a web developer. Some of these are the full-stack frameworks, which is not only useful for Python but other languages too.
1. Django:
Django always comes first to mind when we talk about a Python framework because it makes web development ridiculously fast and scalable. The software foundation is established as a non-profit organization and has a lot of senior developers and experts to help you out in case you are stuck. They keep updating the framework to match the latest version of Python. You can get the download and documentation from their own site as open-source software. It supports many database engines and is in use by major web applications like Instagram. As a newbie, you can start with this framework as it also makes learning much easier.