Linkbait 35

A short one; not much going on these days. (Or I’m just missing the good stuff.)

You’ve probably already heard, but Safari 11.1’s feature list looks good. Progressive web apps are now supported (evidence), but Max Firtman warns we’re not home safe yet. iOS PWA support is still sub-optimal in several respects.
Combining CSS Grids and CSS columns. Nice!
It should be noted, though, that box-decoration-break: clone works on columns only in Firefox.
Nicolás Bevacqua’a A Guide to Modular Design Thinking presentation in annotated slide form. Essential reading to everyone who wants to know all about modular JavaScript. Also very interesting for thinking about whether modern JavaScript may be too modularised.
Simple trick to identify possibly dead code. Identify possibly dead code by CSS selector, add a unique background image to that selector, wait three months, see if there were any hits on that background image. If not, code is dead.
Paul Kinlan makes a list of challenges for web developers. It contains many well-known (platform quirks and compat problems) and less-well-known problems (developers don’t test on the hardware that their users run on and thus it feels “good enough”).Curiously, CSS is not mentioned even once, while I’m fairly certain it is a major hassle for JavaScripters who came from another programming language. Worth a mention, I’d say.
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