Content Management Meets DevOps (Part 1 of 2) How a Git-Based CMS Improves Content Authoring and Publishing

Traditional CMS platforms based on SQL and JCR repositories have begun to show major signs of weakness in keeping up with today’s demands for a high rate of innovation and rapid scalable deployment on modern elastic architectures. This is nowhere more evident than the move towards headless CMS. Many CMS platforms today push headless, or what some call Content as a Service (CaaS), as the one-stop-shop solution to the struggles most CMS platforms have in providing support for scalability, multi-channel, and development integration. It’s not. Headless capability is important but it has its own limitations.
Open source Git-based dynamic CMS tackles these all of these challenges head-on with a set of technologies that incorporate lightweight development, integration with developer tools and processes, and elastic scalability for content delivery that provides the ability to serve any front-end technology via an API or markup with fully dynamic content.