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#377 — March 16, 2018
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Pell 1.0: A Tiny, Simple WYSIWYG Web Text Editor — No dependencies, ES6, and only 1.38KB minned and gzipped. Play with a demo here.
Jared Reich

A Comprehensive Guide to Learning React in 2018 — A classic, interactive ‘from scratch’ tutorial that’s just been upgraded to React 16.3 standards.
Tyler McGinnis

Angular, React or Vue? — How do you choose one JavaScript framework over another for your next web application? Our new whitepaper gives insight into the current state of Angular, React and Vue and how they compare against a comprehensive set of criteria. Download now.
Progress Kendo UI sponsor

TOAST UI Chart: Attractive Charts to Visualize Data — Cross-browser (even supports IE8) and you get bar/column, line, area, bubble, pie, heatmap, bullet, and boxplot charts out of the box as well as combinations of them. Lots of demos here.
NHN Entertainment

Cloudflare Workers: Run JavaScript on Cloudflare — CDNs typically make static assets available at many edge locations, but this next step takes running code to the edge as well, all powered by V8.
Kenton Varda

Take the TC39 Developer Engagement Survey — The ECMAScript standards committee wants to understand how you engage with the official specs and are keen to reach developers not on Twitter. 10 simple questions.
Yulia Startsev (Mozilla) and TC39

Driver.js: ‘Drive’ Users’ Focus Across a Web Page — A no-dependency library for creating ‘tour’-style mechanisms and highlights on a page.
Kamran Ahmed

Awesome Developer Streams: Developers Who Code Live — It’s surprising how much you can learn by watching someone else code and here are 57 to check out – mostly JavaScript developers too.
Tierney Cyren

TypeScript 2.8 RC Released — Conditional types are the headline feature.

npm 5.8.0(-next.0) Released
The npm Blog


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Frontend Engineer for Leading Open Source Company — Love coding web apps & building reusable high-performance UI components? Help define open source web app UI for large-scale enterprises.
Liferay, Inc.

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Tutorials and Articles

4 Awesome Things You Can Do with the Vue.js CLI — Working with Vue? The CLI will make your life better.
Brandon Satrom

Things to Consider When Choosing a Database for Your JavaScript App — Not all JSON support is created equal.
MONGODB sponsor

The 4 Layers of SPAs You Need to Know — An attempt to explain modern single page apps (SPAs) by slicing them into views, services, storage, and the domain/model.
Daniel Dughila

Building a Basic Neural Network with Brain.js — A very elementary ‘getting started’ tutorial.
Daniel Simmons

Animating Elements Along SVG Paths with JavaScript
Luis Manuel

How to Develop an Effective Indexing Strategy — Grab your free MongoDB tutorial on optimising indexing strategies from Studio 3T.
Studio 3T sponsor

JavaScript Promises for Dummies — A golden oldie recommended by Chris Heilmann today.
Jecelyn Yeen old-but-gold

Videos, Screencasts and Talks

▶  Structuring JavaScript Projects for Testability
Fun Fun Function

▶  A Gentle 1hr Intro to Express.js and RESTful APIs — Excellent for beginners.
Programming with Mosh

Code and Tools 🔧

Emma: A CLI Tool to Find and Install npm Packages
Matic Zavadlal

Rough.js: Create Graphics with a Hand-Drawn Appearance
Preet Shihn

The Filepond File Upload Library Relicenses to MIT — We linked to this attractive looking file upload control recently when it was GPLv3 licensed. Demo.
Rik Schennik

MobX 4 Released: A Simple State Management Library
Michel Weststrate

There’s a Bug in Your JavaScript Code. Fix It
Sentry sponsor

Mark Text: A Cross-Platform Markdown Editor App — Built with Electron and Vue.

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