How Scott’s Cheap Flights Is Using Ruby on Rails to Scale

As a part of a Rails development company who works with clients in all types of industries, it’s always fascinating to learn how interesting companies are using Ruby on Rails to power their business. It’s a bonus when we learn that companies are migrating to Rails to improve their customer experience after trying other solutions first.
After browsing flight deals on one of my weekly emails from Scott’s Cheap Flights, I noticed they were hiring for a few positions – including Ruby on Rails engineers. With that information, I reached out to them about interviewing one of their team members about their experience with Rails. Below is a quick conversation I had with Philip Szalwinski, the Lead Developer at Scott’s Cheap Flights. He’s part of a team of 25 full-time and part-time remote employees who work on product, customer support, and flight research at Scott’s Cheap Flights.