Web Accessibility: Making the Web Accessible for All

The Significance of a Universal Design Approach
Inclusive or universal design ensures that the content of an application is easily recognized by screen readers (SR) upon which visually impaired people usually rely. Also, one can navigate through the content of a website using a keyboard alone, in a logical order. This is particularly helpful for people with mobility issues who may not be able to use a mouse. This is also useful for people who prefer to use a keyboard over a mouse. Similarly, providing closed captioning for video content is extremely useful for people with hearing-impairment. Again, this is also helpful for users who would prefer to view a video without sound, for example, while in a public place. This is especially helpful in creating social media content, where videos can be viewed in mute mode.
IMAGE 1: Snapshot of a video with closed captioning (CC), which helps people with hearing impairment to watch and understand video content.
Choosing color contrast and text ratios will help people with color blindness and would also offer better readability for other users.

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