Build a Basic PWA With Angular and Spring Boot

According to an October 2016 DoubleClick report, 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes more than three seconds to load. That same report indicates that the average mobile sites load in 19 seconds. In Alex Russell’s recent talk on the state of mobile development, he stated that he believes one of the biggest problems in mobile today is that developers use powerful laptops and desktops to develop their mobile applications, rather than using a $200 device on a 3G connection. Using this environment is “ground truth” to the majority of web users in the world. While it’s cool to develop native applications, people with slow phones and internet don’t want to download a 60MB app, they just want to use the web. The solution? PWAs. Progressive web applications, or PWAs, are one of the easiest ways to make web applications faster and easier to use, allowing developers to build a better internet for everyone.
Check out the full video of Alex’s talk to learn more about Adapting to the Mobile Present.