A Configurable Data-Driven Approach to Web Flows

Today’s world is a world where change is the only constant. Applications today don’t only have to architect for delivering functionality but architect to provision for change. In the context of web applications, change is often related to change in the existing transitions/web flows. Such changes often result in convoluted code which makes life miserable for everyone. The phenomena of frequent changes making everyone’s life miserable raises the question that, in an environment of continuous change, how do we architect our application to cope with change
Handling Complex Flows
So why do repeated changes in web flows for stateful applications create problems for everyone? The answer can be found in the usual approach t0 developing web applications, which focuses more on integrating business logic with the user interface and tries to incorporate complex web flows as part of this integration. The fact that web flow integration requires special attention is quite often not realized and, thus, becomes the root cause of the failure of the application to respond to change. Let’s look at an example to understand this phenomenon better.

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