Front-End Code Quality, Part 1 [Video]

Introduction Front-end development has become vital for many development projects, like SPAs(Single Page Applications), mobile development and Dynamics 365, so keeping and increasing code quality is very important. I have thus created some videos which walk you through how to improve code quality on the front-end. Front-End Code Quality Introduction and Abstract Introduction and overview of a series of videos about enhancing front-end development code quality, it includes understanding different types of JavaScript unit testing frameworks like Jasmine, Mocha, Jest, different types of task runner like Grunt and Gulp, different types of linting tools, like JSHint, ESLint, JSLint, CSSLint, different types of code formatter like Prettier and Tidy, how to write your first JavaScript test with Jasmine’s standalone version, how to run JavaScript unit tests using Grunt, the command line, and PhantomJS, how to calculate code coverage for JavaScript unit tests using Istanbul,  how to run JavaScript unit tests using Visual Studio Test Explorer using the chutzpah extension, how lint JavaScript code using JSHint and how to run that from the command line using Grunt.Finally,I’ll show how to integrate all the quality practices with Visual Studio Team Service build automation so it can be part of your CI/CD pipeline.