JSter #115: Libraries, the usual

JavaScript, JavaScript, JavaScript.

React Finland is getting close! It’s next week literally. Another conference, Worker Conf was announced today. It’s a day conference held in Dornbirn, Austria at 28th of June. If you like mountains, that’s the place to be.

Niryo/controllerim – MobX-inspired state management for React.
s-macke/VoxelSpace – Terrain rendering algorithm in less than 20 lines of code.
Savvior – A multi-column layout alternative to Salvattore or Masonry, without CSS driven configuration or absolute positioning.
rangle/redux-beacon – Analytics integration for Redux and ngrx/store.


Build a Chat Application with Angular Material and the Nexmo Stitch JavaScript SDK


How to use SVG as a Placeholder, and Other Image Loading Techniques


xaviergonz/makfy – npm scripts on steroids.
Spirit – Easy web animations for designers.


lint-staged – Interview with Andrey Okonetchnikov – Learn how to reduce the amount of time spent linting during development.



Link: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/jster/~3/UrZ8An0BVgg/jster-115