Go vs. Ruby on Rails

Ruby Performance:
Almost all of our clients complained about slow performance in their Ruby apps; which was leading to concurrency bottlenecks. This hits performance and the time it took to complete a job was not satisfactory. In contrast, Golang was able to handle a huge load of concurrent requests without slowing down the performance of a program. This is why enterprises with web-based applications, found that Golang based programs were able to handle several users at one time without ever underperforming.
Scalability is almost always a result of concurrency. An application which can handle concurrent requests is more likely to be scalable. We realized when Rails gets to a significant enough scale, the runtime speed diminishes significantly, resulting in poor performance. Golang, on the other hand, outshines this test by scaling automatically to multiple cores. This ensures that organizations don’t have to worry about migrating costs once the business scales up.

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