MAS 036: Pascal Precht

Panel: Charles Max Wood
Guest: Pascal Precht
This week on My Angular Story, Charles speaks with Pascal Precht. Pascal is a software engineer doing a lot of Angular, Angular training, and building apps. He first got into programming near the end of school when his teacher suggested that he go to an informatics school. He found that he loved building websites with HTML and CSS and learned how to program after going back to school for a second time. They talk about what led him to Angular, his company Thoughtram, and what he is proud of contributing to the Angular community.
In particular, We dive pretty deep on:

Pascal intro
How did you first get into programming?
Programming by accident
Was never into or interested in computers
Really into art
Wanted to design things
Wasn’t always good at programming because he struggled to think logically
Loved building websites with HTML and CSS
Always wanted to build cool websites
Dynamic sites with PHP
How did you get into Angular?
JavaScript meetup
Using Angular in his job
What is the story behind Thoughtram?
What have you done in Angular that you are proud of?
What are you working on now?
Machine Labs
And much, much more!


Machine Labs
Pascal’s GitHub


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