Package Manager Rumble

Along with the discussion of how to use JavaScript comes the discussion of package managers. Modules help us utilize tooling we and other developers make because WHY would you spend time re-writing something that already exists and works well?? If that question has not popped into your head or been repeated in a team meeting at least once in 2017, you might be doing it wrong. Just sayin’.
Thankfully, we have teams creating better and better experiences for us to install and organize these modules. npm, Yarn and Bower are still the leaders of the pack…age management tools, but I also wanted to throw in jspm. With close to two million installs this year, jspm is still going strong. Now, this isn’t going to be a package manager brawl, despite the title of this post. I’ll give you the info and you can decide what it means to you. I’m not going to lie though: I use npm and like their team and what they do a ton. So, if I come across as biased, it’s probably because I am.