PyCon 2018 Highlights

And yes, this is truncated because I left early, and missed some important things. I’m going to have to catch them on YouTube.

Stacy Morse – Code Reviews Using Art Critique Principles – PyCon 2018
Jake VanderPlas – Performance Python: Seven Strategies for Optimizing Your Numerical Code
Jiaqi Liu – Building a Data Pipeline with Testing in Mind – PyCon 2018
Brian Okken, Paul Everitt – Visual Testing with PyCharm and pytest – PyCon 2018
Carol Willing – Practical Sphinx – PyCon 2018
Dmitry Filippov, Ewa Jodlowska – By the Numbers: Python Community Trends in 2017/2018 – PyCon 2018
David Beazley – Reinventing the Parser Generator – PyCon 2018
Shannon Turner – You’re an expert. Here’s how to teach like one. – PyCon 2018
Matt Davis – Python Performance Investigation by Example – PyCon 2018
Barry Warsaw – Get your resources faster, with importlib.resources – PyCon 2018

Of course, you’ll also need to see the keynotes.