How to Close Your Code

We all know about SOLID principles. Every developer knows what are SOLID principles because every developer has to go through an interview process to get a job. Some can explain really well while they’re interviewing
Recently, I was interviewed by a very reputed financial company. They have 4 rounds of interview and of those, 3 rounds asked a question about SOLID principles. They all asked very good interesting questions and it seems they were looking for some specific expertise. I started working there and their code base is awesome. They are not working anywhere near what they asked in an interview. I also found some controller code files has 2-3k lines of code, which is a presentation layer. Though they have very nice onion architecture for the project, I hope whoever worked there all went through that interview process and knows at least a little about SOLID principles. These principles are not just to perform in the interview; we need to apply it in real code. Maybe they have their own reasons for not following them.