A Direct Comparison of WCF and ASP.NET Core Functionalities

A lot of money and energy was invested by Microsoft to develop ASP.NET Core. This is an open source platform to which features and services can be added by the wider developer community. Some assume that ASP.NET Core has multiple advantages over other open source platforms like WCF. But this is not always the case; let’s have a close look at the matter. In this article, our main focus is to compare the performance of WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) and ASP.NET Core, so that you can decide for yourself which technology is best for you. To judge the performance of both the platforms, let us take a simple example – “stand up a local web server.” Let’s check how much time it takes for the web server to generate a request, how much time it takes to route the request, serialize the request, to create a response, and send the response back and deserialize it.

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