Here’s the thing about “unused CSS” tools

There are a lot of tools that aim to help you remove “unused CSS" from your project. Never a week goes by that I don’t see a tool for this being shared or promoted. It must strike some kind of perfect chord for some developers. I care about performance, and I know that reducing file sizes is good for performance. Indeed, it is. I bet we have CSS that is unused in our stylesheets, if we removed that, that’s a …
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What Is ViewEncapsulation in Angular?

To understand ViewEncapsulation in Angular, first, we should understand the Shadow DOM. You can learn in detail about the Shadow DOM here. Simply put, the Shadow DOM brings Encapsulation to HTML Elements. Using the Shadow DOM, markup, styles, and behaviors are scoped to the element and do not clash with other nodes of the DOM. The Shadow DOM is part of Web Components, which encapsulates styles and login of the element.
Angular Components are made up of three things:


JSter #119: Libraries and more

JavaScript now.

We announced a new technical event recently. GraphQL Finland will be held in Helsinki 18-19 October. There will be a day of workshops and one day of talks and it’s a good chance for you to learn more about this upcoming technology.

Rough.js – Create graphics with a hand-drawn, sketchy, appearanc
terotests/TaskRoll – Asynchronous computation builder


smooth-code/fraql – GraphQL fragments made simple
confuser/graphql-constraint-directive – Validate GraphQL fields
GraphQL Binding 2.0 – Improved API, schema transforms & automatic codegen


ServiceWorker Cookbook


TerrainVer – Worms-style cartoon terrain in JavaScript
Writing WebAssembly By Hand


Polly.JS – Record, replay, and stub HTTP interactions.
pnpm – Fast, disk space efficient package manager
Hello wasm-pack!
Netflix FlameScope – Performance visualization
VuePress – Static site generator based on Vue
jlfwong/speedscope – A web-based viewer for sampling profiles