PHP vs. Golang: A Comparison

The PHPvs. Golang comparison is a tough one. Initially created in 1994, PHP has been around for 24 years. Since then, PHP has seen its popularity rise due to its open source format, ease of use, and stability. However, as happens in every other aspect of life, the old have to make way for the new if they are not able to adapt to modern times. Even the most recent versions of PHP such as PHP 7 have left a lot to be desired in terms of security, scalability, concurrency and more. As times have changed, so have the demands of applications. Quickly deployable, concurrent, scalable, bug-free, low maintenance, and cost-efficient applications are the demand of the day.
Golang has time and again proven itself as a safe bet for Enterprise Applications. The following are just some of the features in which Golang outperforms PHP and turns out to be a wiser choice for businesses.