Handling Forms With React and HTML5 Form Validation API

When we talk about user input within a web app we often think first of HTML forms. Web forms have been available since the very first editions of HTML. Apparently, the feature was introduced already in 1991 and standardized in 1995 as RFC 1866. We use them everywhere, with almost every library and framework. But what about React? Facebook gives a limited input on how to deal with forms. Mainly it’s about subscribing forms and controls for interaction events and passing state with the “value" property. So form validation and submission logic are up to you. Decent UI implies you cover such logic as "on submit"/"on input" field validation, inline error messaging, toggling elements depending on validity, "pristine," "submitting," states, and more. Can we not abstract this logic and simply plug it in our forms? We definitely can. The only question is what approach and solution to pick up.
Forms in a DevKit
If you go with a DevKit like ReactBootstrap or AntDesign you are likely already happy with the forms. Both provide components to build a form that meets diverse requirements. For example, in AntDesign we define a form with the Form element and a form field with FormItem, which is a wrapper for any input control out of the set. You can set validation rules on FormItem like:

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