Your Basic CRUD: A Simple Tarantool Web App (Tarantool 101, Guide 4A)

Tarantool powers some of the largest stacks in the world but what can it do for a simple web app? Well, for starters, it’s probably the fastest option you can choose, both in terms of raw speed, since it’s RAM-based, but also in terms of development time—since it’s the only tech you’ll need to add to your server (it includes both an application server and a database). Also, the Tarantool ecosystem takes care of other tooling you may have needed to outsource otherwise. For example, you won’t need a separate tool to keep Tarantool alive because Tarantool ships with the handy tarantoolctl.
What we’ll be making is a classic “Todo” app that allows you to make a task (“create”), list your tasks (“read”), edit tasks (“update”), and delete tasks (“destroy”). This article will be divided into two parts, the first covering “create” and “read,” and the second covering “update” and “destroy.” It stands on its own but you may find it helpful to refer to Tarantool 101 Guide 1 or Guide 2. Also, note that I am working on a Digital Ocean server running Ubuntu 16.04. Finally, you can see the code for the app here and a demo here.