Why Programming Is One of the Best Careers, What You Can Do With Your Programming Skills, and Why Now Is Best Time Ever to Become a Programmer

Today, software engineer is the most sought-after career for college graduates (most-applied-for job title for recent graduates) and the most highly paid one as well. Indeed, “software engineers make over $92,300 within the first few years of their careers … You can expect this role to be among the most sought-after job titles for years to come, especially since the BLS predicts that employment in this job is projected to grow 24 percent from 2016 to 2026.”1 (CNBC.com)
While most such statistics focus on software engineering (that is, the popular programming jobs that require a programmer to write code to build software), programming, as a profession and as a hobby and as a mechanism for transmogrification, exists in so many industries and encompasses such a wide variety of programming and non-programming activities and careers that nearly every discussion about programming careers fail to convey the breathtaking awe and at once the terrifying and reassuring God-like presence of coding in our world and our life.

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