Using Web Notifications to Increase Engagement in PWAs

Most of the features and APIs we have seen in the mobile world are now available on the web as well. That rich set of web APIs is making Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) a great alternative, if not a replacement, to most mobile app experiences out there. An empowered and rich web makes PWAs the most cost-effective way to engage with your audience when compared to traditional mobile apps. With PWAs you have one single codebase using one single set of APIs that you can continuously deliver and run everywhere.
Engage With Your Audience
An effective way to get users to engage with your PWA is through Web Push Notifications. Once the user has opted-in, Web Push Notifications allow them to receive relevant and customized updates. This helps to bring them back to your PWA; effectively re-engaging with them. Web Push Notifications opens a new set of possibilities and works through a combination of Web APIs: