Why You Will Need Your Family’s Support While You Train to Become an Employable Programmer

You are likely to spend as much as 30–40 hours a week in front of your computer as you train to become a competent and hirable programmer. And even after you complete your training, you will spend more than 60% of your waking hours there, typing and clicking as you write for loops and HTML tags and CSS rules and functions and algorithms, in a seemingly never-end loop of work-work-get-paid and a lifelong journey to mastery.
Programming will demand much of your time during the first five years of your programming career.
When you learn to code, you may have to (perhaps you should) quit your full-time job or significantly reduce the number of hours you work or even work part-time, so that you can find enough time to focus on your programming education. You need ample time to study; this is the *most important factor for success in programming education.
For these reasons, you will need the support and cooperation of your family while you train to become a programmer—and they will need them to understand why you are spending most of your free time coding and not with them. This is a sacrifice you have to make and your family will have to agree to, if all of you are serious about your realizing a successful programming career.

In fact, you should ask your family to read this article and some of the other ones in the series,

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