The Crucial Factors for Success in Programming, Assessing Your Capacity to Become a Programmer, and Choosing the Best Programming-Related Career for *Your* Capacity

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The details in this article will save you much time, stress, possibly your career, and definitely your hard-earn money and invaluable time. It may even save you your marriage and home and much misery. I wish I had the details in the article on many occasions over the last 14 years.

Because changing your career to become a programmer will impact your (and your family’s) entire livelihood now and in the future, because more people quit their programming education than complete it, and because you may not know which programming career path best aligns with your capacity for the job, you need to learn the essential factors for success in your programming education and programming career before you invest your money and the prodigious time and stupendous effort required to become a programmer.
Furthermore, since you may or may not enjoy programming, might not possess the cognitive adeptness to take on a challenging programming career, or may lack the sense of design or the mathematical inclination necessary for some programming careers, you would be wise to pick the programming career that best fits your interest and capacity.
The Four Crucial Factors for Success in Programming
To succeed in a rigorous programming education and become a confident and proficient programmer, an employable programmer, you need these four crucial factors: time bandwidth, cognitive bandwidth, purpose,