AiA 197: Bazel with Torgeir Helgevold


Charles Max Wood
Joe Eames
Alyssa Nicholl

Special Guests: Torgeir Helgevold
In this episode, the Adventures in Angular panel talks to Torgeir Helgevold about Bazel. Torgeir works for Nrwl and does experiment with Bazel as a part of his daily life. He has really taken an interest in Bazel and sees it as the next big thing in build systems. They talk about what Bazel is, zero configuration, and Bazel’s ability to deal with large and complex projects. They also touch on build speed with Bazel, how to set Bazel up, and more!
In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

Torgeir intro
Bazel as the next big thing for build systems
What is Bazel?
Incremental build system
Mainly for large projects
Why is Bazel going to become the next big thing?
Bazel isn’t tied to a specific language
Bazel vs Webpack
Type sharing between front-end and back-end
Bazel is very streamlined
Zero configuration movement
The problem with zero configuration
Large vs simpler projects
Complex development and new tools
Google is well known to have large, complex projects
If your build system is working for you, there’s no need to change
Build speed
Continuous integration
How do you set Bazel up?
Alex Eagle repo – angular-bazel-example
What does Bazel actually do?
How do you pull these rules in?
How do you transition over to Bazel?
And much, much more!


Alex Eagle repo – angular-bazel-example
Torgeir’s GitHub
Torgeir’s Nrwl Blog


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