What Is Better for Web Development, React or Angular?

It is considered in IT world that customers can completely rely on their technology partners to get their products successfully delivered but probably they have never tried to conduct their own research on the stacks, technologies, or tools required for their projects. In this article, you will learn what is the difference between React and Angular and how to make your own choice.
Angular Pros and Cons
542 Angular jobs are currently offered on Indeed in the United States. Surely, the prime advantage of Angular is its popularity. It could be argued that it is Google that affected the way7 Angular is treated. However, the first version of Angular has quickly become popular because those developers who came from other development environments found there a familiar MVC pattern for building single-page applications (SPAs). After upgrading AngularJS and modifying some of its features, the popularity of the framework skyrocketed. And there is no wonder that today the IT market has a serious demand for Angular developers. Moreover, it is one of the few frameworks which provides a set of rich possibilities and components for creating user interfaces.

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