Hello Vue: A Quick Tutorial on Getting Started With Vue

A quick tutorial on getting started with Vue, including the use of a component from Kendo UI for Vue. Designed to be a great starting point with an example that, like Vue itself, is scalable.
This tutorial is aimed at the first-time Vue explorer. I’ll show you how to create a simple example using Vue, and then I’ll add in some interactivity and a UI component, and finally add in more functionality and a Kendo UI component. While this tutorial demo is quite basic, it outlines all the key elements of adding in features and functionality using Vue. It would be very easy to expand on the demo code and swap in more complex components. My example, like Vue itself, is scalable.

Link: https://dzone.com/articles/hello-vue-a-quick-tutorial-on-getting-started-with?utm_medium=feed&utm_source=feedpress.me&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+dzone%2Fwebdev