Selecting a Coding School: Programming Boot Camps vs. Accelerated Programming Academies vs. MOOCs vs. University Computer Science Degrees vs. For-Profit Colleges

This Is the First Draft
This is the first draft of this article. I will refine the article and add about 20 more pages to it later today or no later than Tuesday, July 23.

You have decided to become—and have fully committed to becoming—a professional software developer or software engineer or to improve your programming skills for the pursuit of mastery in your career path to earn a bigger salary and secure a more exciting programming job. To realize any of these rewarding goals, you need a proper programming education, accessible via self-education or one of these four formal coding school options: coding boot camp, accelerated coding academy, MOOC, for-profit college, or university.
In the previous article in the series, we focused exclusively on becoming a programmer via self-education; in this article, we focus on getting a proper programming education via a coding school.
Because of the significant differences between these five types of coding schools, you will want to do your due diligence to select the coding school that offers the specific career path and teachings that best align with your goal and purpose.
Graduation Rates and Star-Rating Reviews Are Useless Measures of a Coding School’s Quality of Education

A qualitative factor such as a *rewarding education* is so difficult to measure in any school that the use of graduation rates or movie-style-star-rating reviews are as useless to you when deciding which coding school to attend as reviewing star-rating rankings of a list of doctors—all sorts of doctors.