The Excitement Surrounding the Angular 6 Updates

With all of the recent exciting changes in Angular v6’s release and the large shift in both the enterprise and SMB market towards adopting Angular as the go-to framework for building business applications, Infragistics is making sure to stay on the cutting edge of web development. Speaking to the ripple effect Angular has had in modern web development, our Angular team has been vocal about their plans to give web developers accessibility and ease when working with Angular on their upcoming projects. By providing tools for the upcoming wave of developers moving to building line of business applications in Angular, we’re making sure that we deliver best of breed UI components and the fastest Angular data grid with our products, Ignite UI for Angular and Ignite UI CLI.
Recently, we’ve been working on adding another product to our Angular productivity line, Indigo Design to Code Studio. Announced at Google I/O, Indigo D2C Studio is a digital product design platform that brings developers and designers together to build amazing user experiences. For example, once the iterative design process is complete, developers can use the Indigo D2C Studio Visual Studio Code plug-in and UI components to create a pixel-perfect Angular or Flutter application for Android and iOS. The product is highlighting Infragistics’ goal in working closely with Google’s Angular team to develop forward-thinking tools for web, desktop, and mobile applications, so be sure to read the latest press release and sign up for the upcoming preview.