JSter #124: Libraries and more

The day JavaScript stopped working

My fall is going to be quite busy as I’ll travel across Europe. You’ll see me in Prague, Yerevan, Zagreb, and Helsinki at least.

gajus/roarr – JSON logger for Node.js and browser
yalla – ES6 Templating Engine
developit/histore – 200b key-value store backed by navigation state
terkelg/prompts – Lightweight, beautiful and user-friendly interactive prompts
Rich-Harris/shimport – Use JavaScript modules in all browsers, including dynamic imports
kepler.gl – Make an impact with your location data


serverless/components – An easier way to build applications with cloud services


A tour of JavaScript timers on the web
JavaScript vs. TypeScript vs. ReasonML
17 Best React Native Experts and Blogs To Follow In 2018
ES2018: Javascript’s new features in 2018


Poi – A zero-config bundler for the web
Rich-Harris/agadoo – Check whether a package is tree-shakeable
Babel 7 has been released
egoist/maid – Markdown driven task runner
mozilla/brackets – An open source code editor for the web, written in JavaScript, HTML and CSS


JavaScript Type Coercion


BigTest – A suite of JavaScript libraries and a framework to test your application

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