How to Install and Use Chatra

Still provide phone support? Have you ever thought about the live chat effectiveness for your website? While the majority of people avoid phone conversations and lack time to read emails, live chat can be a perfect option for providing the effective support and building relationships with your visitors. You can forget about all that “Could you spell your email phonetically?” and give quick replies to the burning requests. Live chat saves you time, provides a much broader picture of your visitors, increases customers’ loyalty, and even reduces stress caused by the phone calls.
What Is Chatra?
Chatra is a user-friendly messenger tool for websites that helps you assist the website visitors promptly and build sustainable relationships with them. Chatra gives you a chance to effectively fight the cart abandonment and avoid costly delays that are common for email support and are so critical in the competitive business environment. And their mobile apps allow you to help the visitors even when you are out of the office.