Perl6::Math::Matrix (Part 2: Converter)

In this series of articles, I reflect and expand on a talk I gave this year in Glasgow were I spoke about writing Perl 6 modules in general and my module in particular. Part I was about data types I used or wanted to use, because my approach is it to think first about data structures and built later the code around that. It is also crucial because this module basically provides the user with a new data type.
To continue where we left off, this part will be about converting our data type (Math::Matrix) into other types and we start best with the usual suspects. As I said in the intro of my talk: “your main job as a Perl 6 module author is not to screw up the inherent beauty of the internal design." – meaning: you have to provide for a lot of interfaces – read: implement certain methods! Converter to popular data types are just one part of it.