Reflecting on TypeScript, Lambdas, and, of Course, Testing

Yet another long-overdue post. The last couple of weeks (or perhaps Sprints) my team has dived into TypeScript for a new project. I like it, really like it. Maybe that’s just because for years I’ve feared JavaScript, haven’t understood enough about how to do unit testing, and found myself writing terrible code and just running it to find the bugs. This is not a very good development methodology.
TypeScript and IDEs
This time around I’m using a great IDE (Visual Studio Code, of course), have type packages for just about everything we are working with, and am writing unit tests. I have persisted for many years just using Vim (in the recent history, mostly for writing Go), and because my job has frequently been quite varied and I’m often too lazy to install plugins or custom editor scripts, it didn’t have anything really helping me with my coding. I think the only times in the last 8 or 9 years I’ve genuinely wanted, needed, and used an IDE has been for writing Flash ActionScript 3.0 and Java (IntelliJ IDEA in both cases). That’s not counting the dabbling in Unity/UnrealEngine where I’ve used MonoDevelop or Visual Studio.