Node.js vs. Django:  Is JavaScript Better Than Python?

Node.js (55, 432 ★ on GitHub) and Django (37, 614 ★ on GitHub) are two powerful tools for building web applications.
Node.js has a “JavaScript everywhere” motive to ensure JavaScript is used on the server-side and client-side of web applications and Django has a “framework for perfectionists with deadlines” motive to help developers build applications quickly.


Nesting Components in Figma

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been building our UI Kit at Gusto, where I work, and this is a Figma document that contains all of our design patterns and components so that designers on our team can hop in, go shopping for a component that they need, and then get back to working on the problem that they’re trying to solve.
There’s a couple things that I’ve learned since I started. First, building a UI Kit is immensely …
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Embed a Blog Onto Any Website With DropInBlog

With DropInBlog, you can embed a blog into your site in only three minutes. A quick JavaScript/HTML widget, or a full-featured JSON API, is all it takes.

A headless blog you can take anywhere
Ever been working on your existing static site or anything that wasn’t built with WordPress, wanted to integrate a blog, but then couldn’t find a clean solution?
DropInBlog to the rescue.
Now you can quickly integrate a full featured blog into any existing site. Actually, …
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Blue Beanie Day 2018

Another year!
You better not cry, you better not shout, I’m telling you why: @BlueBeanieDay is coming Nov. 30! Start sharing your #bbd photos, links, articles, and videos now: #WebStandards #InclusiveDesign #ProgressiveEnhancement
— zeldman (@zeldman) October 24, 2018

I feel the same this year as I have in the past. Web standards, as an overall idea, has entirely taken hold and won the day. That’s worth celebrating, as the web would be kind of a joke without …
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