JSter #128: Libraries and then some

For every good JavaScript joke, there’s a bad one.

GraphQL Finland 2018 was a great success. Check the conference videos online!

avantcredit/gql2ts – Convert a GraphQL schema to a TypeScript definition
threepointone/css-suspense – CSS loading for React the suspense way
diegohaz/styled-tools – Useful interpolated functions for CSS-in-JS
sapegin/q-i – Node.js objects inspector with color highlighting
turtle.audio – Turtle graphics but for audio
sapegin/richtypo.js – HTML typography enhancer for Node


Drop 20K from your production Angular app
Save Hundreds of Lines of Code in Your Next GraphQL App With This One Weird Trick
Building & maintaining UI components with a Design System, Part 2


Rethinking Enterprise Architectures with Node.js
3factor app architecutre
Turn the web into a database: An alternative to web crawling/scraping


KeystoneJS – Node.js CMS and web app platform
Node v11.0.0


firebase2graphql – Moving from firebase to realtime GraphQL on Postgres
On the Flow Roadmap: Exact Objects by Default


Adopting GraphQL in Large Codebases

Case Studies

Building the Google Photos Web UI

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