What Developers Need to Know: 3 Steps for Effective Mobile Testing

This article is featured in the new DZone Guide to Dynamic Web and Mobile Development. Get your free copy for more insightful articles, industry statistics, and more! These days, developers are handling an increasing share of the software testing workload. This is a good thing, as it means testing is taking place earlier and quality is being owned by more of the organization. And with people accessing the internet on mobile devices far more than traditional desktops, it’s essential that developers are equipped to create and execute an effective mobile testing strategy. Gartner has estimated that this year, more than 50 percent of users will go to a tablet or smartphone first for all online activities, so software development today must have mobile in mind from the start. However, developers aren’t always prepared to take a strategic approach to testing: they’re accustomed to writing code, not testing it. This article offers a crash course in creating an effective mobile test strategy for developers who need to get up to speed and make decisions quickly.

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