Cross-Browser Compatibility and React.js Web Apps

Sometimes I feel that events in life happen in a sequence so that you regularly come across ‘cringe’ moments. Like when you have sand in your mouth or you hear the excruciating sound of nails against a chalk board. For me, personally, the worst cringe-worthy moment is when I come across a really bad web app or website. When I say bad, I mean Internet Explorer bad (just kidding, it’s a nice browser). Directionless navigation, features that are not working, bad design, and painful UX. But, the biggest problem is missing cross-browser compatibility.
Why React?
React is simply a UI and functionality library for JavaScript-based apps. We recently talked about React.js in our last post, Choosing the Right JavaScript Framework in 2018. So, in this post, we would look in more detail at how React.js helps in the development of cross-browser compatible web apps.