Sensu Go Is Here!

Sensu Go is now in General Availability (GA)! Sensu Go features human-centered design by making it easier to use Sensu; we went from operations having to do the heavy lifting to creating a user-centric, self-service, and highly scalable product.
The agent in Sensu Go is smaller, which makes it easier to maintain total visibility by having Sensu everywhere. Additionally, the workflows are greatly improved: sensuctl, the new Sensu command-line interface, lets you deploy monitoring checks à la Kubernetes (e.g., sensuctl create -f http-service.yaml) along with deploying check plugins using Sensu’s newly released assets. What’s more, Sensu Go makes it easier to integrate metrics into your monitoring event pipeline, supporting aggregating metrics in a variety of industry standard formats such as Prometheus, StatsD, InfluxDB, and Nagios, to name a few. We baked all of these changes (and more!) into this latest, open source version of Sensu as part of our vision for empowering operators through sharing of tools, techniques, and knowledge.