React 16.6.0 Goodies

React 16.6.0 was released October 2018 and with it came goodies that spice up the way we can develop with React. We’re going to cover what I consider the best of those new goodies with examples of how we can put them to use in our work.

React.memo() avoids unnecessary re-rendering
There are situations where a component re-renders, even if neither its state nor its props changed. That adds up and can be an expensive operation.
Here’s an example of … Read article
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Fearless Security: Memory Safety

Memory safety violations leave programs vulnerable to security threats like unintentional data leakage and remote code execution. There are ways to ensure memory safety, including smart pointers and garbage collection. Research engineer Diane Hosfelt explains how Rust’s ownership system achieves memory safety while minimizing performance costs.
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3 App Monetization Strategies to Earn More With Your App in 2019

January is the perfect time to rethink your monetization strategy and map out new milestones for the year. Here are three mobile app monetization strategies which definitely have the potential to boost your revenue in 2019.
2018 proved the fact that everybody knew but refused to admit. We are hooked on our smartphones. An average US user spends over three hours per day with their mobile device in hand which is 10% more than the previous year. This time is expected to go up and reach an astonishing 5-6 hours in 2019. Can you believe that?