I went to my first interview! It was terrifying.

Terrifying in a good way. I’ve never been in an interview aligned with my career and I’m still a fresh graduate. The post is for a Junior QA Engineer, of course it’s not development but I read up on the role thoroughly and I feel it’s really important that I start with it. Its gonna teach me so much about ensuring code quality and maintaining standards of the organisation, which at some point developers tend to overlook.
I also want to get into a hobby of Test Driven Development. Which I feel would be inline with the culture of quality assurance. I’m highly interested in taking up the responsibility of the role so much that my nerves during the interview were intertwined with excitement.
By the way, I just completed my degree in Computer Science, so job hunting season kicked off in the beginning of this year. I’m constantly sending out applications and hoping for the best. Regardless of the decision that will be taken by my interviewers today, I learned a lot. My first experience of a cultural interview was awesome. I also found out that I’m quite good with office humour,apparently.
I took a lot of advice from posts here on dev.to and it helped that I’m a talkative person so the interview felt more like a conversation about me, more than anything else. A treasure that helped me through the process is a post by @emmawedekind

Decoding the Front-end Interview Process
Emma Wedekind ✨


Although typically cultural interviews aren’t as terrifying as coding interviews, interviewers can make or break your application.

I swear to God, half of my confidence came from it. In as much as I was beginning this journey, I felt prepared. Also being honest actually worked very well in my favour. I’m just still not sure how they received my humour 😑
Here’s one thing that terrified me. I misread the time on my calendar by mistake, I thought I was coming in an hour early but turns out, I was JUST IN TIME. So already I was thrown off a bit. Props to being punctual 🤞. Also I don’t think anyone likes seeing a whiteboard where an interview is to be conducted. Luckily not required at the time, but those few minutes of waiting for my interviewers to join me in the boardroom, I couldn’t help but wonder which “searching algorithm" were they gonna ask for, just nerves messing me up I guess.
Anyway, I can’t wait to get my first job in tech 🤞

Link: https://dev.to//sduduzog/i-went-to-my-first-interview-it-was-terrifying-dpe