Starting a Dev & Tech Sticker Book

Cover image by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Like many folks in tech, I really like stickers, especially fun ones. The most common thing most folks do with them seems to be putting them on ones laptop. It appears to me to have become a kind of rite of passage. Not only does it help you find your laptop in the sea of similar looking ones at your company or a meetup, but it is also a way to show off your specific style and thoughts in the tech world. Are you a Javascript developer who is really into React or do you go nuts for Python and Data Science? You can use stickers on your laptop to show all of this to the world.
People like showing off their stickers so much you often see posts like this one from @aspittel
asking folks to share pictures of their laptops with stickers on them.

Show off your stickers!
Ali Spittel


Now, I’m not coming out against laptop stickers. It’s totally cool if you want to do that. You do you. I have some on my own laptop as well that I have collected. Not all of them are tech related, but still fun.

But, sometimes it makes me a little sad to think about how laptops don’t last forever and with that the stickers go away too. I have seen it where someone is getting their laptop repaired and they lose the stickers because the display is getting replaced. This is especially true if you are an Apple user as they like to just swap out large whole pieces of machines rather than fix small components within the larger part for the sake of ease and saving repair time. I know lots of folks are okay with this and when they get a new laptop they find new stickers to decorate it. It can be quite fun. I am a little more nostalgic and I like to think of the stickers as mementos or merit badges for the cool tech events I have gone to. I often don’t put the stickers I do get on things because I want to keep them. Sometimes I pass on stickers altogether. Also, I REALLY like collecting things.
I had an idea awhile back and I have finally decided to do it. I am going to use a notebook to collect stickers with instead of putting them on my laptop. I will probably still put some on my laptop to make sure I know which one is mine, but they will likely be work related ones. All of the fun and cool ones can go in my sticker book. Then I will have a book of my tech merit badges to look through and think back on.

I got started with the front of the book. There is a Dancing Vikings one on there that I just had made. There is a Sticker Mule one that I got for having them make the Dancing Vikings stickers for me and they seem to make a lot of tech stickers. My favorite is the peak Seattle npm sticker I got at SeattleJS Conf a couple years ago.
I’m really excited to fill this book in with more stickers. Let me know in the comments if you want to help or if you know of some good ones I should try to get.