I Took a Vacation and You Should Too

I wasn’t particularly burnt out or dying for a vacation, but I had a short trip scheduled for last week and I came back feeling productive and clear about my work. It’s a great feeling.
I feel like I maintain a decent work life balance in general, but I truly don’t take a lot of time off. There are a few reasons for this. I like my work and I don’t always love vacations in general. The overhead of planning and traveling sometimes seems like a wash for me in terms of what I’d like to be doing with my time. I can’t say I don’t feel a bit of pressure to push off vacations as the founder of a company with different stakeholders looking for me to be productive. My family, with a single parent, also never took a vacation that I can recall. So in an odd way I don’t know how to really take full-on vacations.
Anyway, I spent a few days away from keyboard and it seems like it was really great for my brain. I came back with a pretty clear idea about important long term decisions, and excited about contributing to dev.to as a developer and director. Nothing broke when I was gone and the site also got its all-time high in traffic. As a function of a general trend, we hit all-time highs most weeks. 🙃
I hope you also find some time for a vacation. It will boost your productivity and generally be good for your health. Don’t put it off too long.
Happy coding! ❤️

Link: https://dev.to//ben/i-took-a-vacation-and-you-should-too-3kb7